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Academics, professionals and policy makers formed the Foundation Years Action Group to promote the vital importance of the earliest years to children's development and well-being. 
The Group engages decision makers with the latest research  and works with them to turn the substantial evidence into policies that will  transform lives.

We believe:

  • the implications of our increasing knowledge of the plasticity of the baby’s brain require society to shift its perceptions and resource priorities.

  • the evidence justifies a national commitment to strengthening a universal community of care and support for every infant and their immediate caregivers.

  • such a commitment would pay for itself many times over in terms of the quality of life of children, young people and adults, the reduction of mental illness and crime and the resilience, well-being and freedom of society as a whole.

Latest news

FYAG invites you to attend the latest seminar in its 2013-14 series: 'Trumping genetics with experience: genes aren't all they're made out to be – but epigenetics might be'. A discussion seminar with Dr. Stephen Suomi. Further details and information on how to RSVP can be found here

The Group is currently running a series of expert seminars. A report of the first, called Poverty, Power, Prejudice and Parenting appears here.

Frank Field has written to the Independent newspaper in response to an interview with Tristram Hunt in the paper on Monday 10th February 2014. The letter can be found here.

The cross-party manifesto The 1001 Critical Days: The importance of the conception to age two period was launched in September 2013. You can find a copy of the manifesto here

The Foundation Years Action Group have written to Michael Gove to ask him to consider including parenting in the new national curriculum. The letter can be found here.

Sue Gerhardt and Frank Field MP have written in the Sunday Telegraph's early years foundation stage supplement magazine, 'Mini-Kin'. Their article is available here.